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      Do you rely merely on vacuuming for cleaning the mattress? If yes, then it’s time to think about an expert mattress cleaning service. Mould, stains and various other problems collect and amplify in your mattress on daily basis. It is essential to book mattress steam cleaning Thredbo service to get rid of the risks linked with filthy mattresses.

      Mattress steam cleaning is widely used for cleaning and is effective in removing the toughest stains from the mattress. If you want to transform the dirty mattress into a shiny one, then go ahead and contact us at +61480019584 to book our service.

      Our professionals use highly advanced devices and safe cleaning products to remove the dirt from the mattress. At Unity Mattress Cleaning Canberra, we value our customers and provide excellent mattress steam cleaning service at budget-friendly prices. Why wait more? Get the free quote for our service now!

      Why is it Important to Clean the mattress?

      Just like other appliances and home decor products, the mattresses also require regular maintenance. Apart from daily vacuuming, deep mattress cleaning is also important to keep the mattresses in good condition. Living creatures such as bed bugs, dust mites, fungi, viruses and bacteria can become hazardous to health, when left as it is on the mattress.

      Different problems related to skin and respiratory system tend to arise because of the impurities present in the mattress. The Unity Mattress Cleaning Canberra team not only remove the topmost layer of dust and dirt but also removes the deep-rooted dirt and stains by using mattress steam cleaning in Thredbo.

      Top Advantages of Mattress Steam Cleaning Service

      Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

      The steam has natural high temperature and can break the bond between stain particles without the requirement of chemicals. The air becomes more pure and there is no risk of chemicals residues.

      Suitable for Everyone

      Some people are extremely sensitive to the ingredients contained in the detergents and other cleaning products. For such people, mattress steam cleaning is a great choice.

      Great for Deep Cleaning

      Old stains of blood or vomit, human sweat and oils can be easily cleaned by the steam. The steam also sanitizes the mattress within a few minutes.

      How Our Experts Steam Clean the Mattress?

      If you are tired of the inefficient DIY methods and want to know more about professional mattress cleaning, then have a look at the steps that our trained professionals follow:

      Cleaning the Mattress with Vacuum Cleaner

      It is common to see dust particles, dead skin flakes, dandruff and allergens on the upper surface of the mattress. Vacuuming can be helpful in elimination of these contaminants from the mattress.

      Spot Treatment for Stains

      Sometimes, an additional step is followed to remove certain spots from the mattress. Our mattress cleaners Thredbo use safe and non-toxic products to clean the stains.

      Mattress Steam Cleaning Thredbo

      Here comes the step where actual steam cleaning is done by using an industrial-grade steam cleaning device. Steam comes out from the outlet and the dirt gets dissolved because of the water vapours. The filth is collected back by the integrated vacuuming system in the steam cleaner.

      Drying the Mattress

      Sometimes, water vapours get absorbed by the foam of the mattress. Leaving the mattress without drying can be harmful to the mattress. So, the experts use dehumidifiers, fans or blow-dryers to dry the mattress.

      Frequently Asked Questions at Unity Mattress Cleaning Canberra

      1. Should I place the beddings on the bed soon after the mattress stream cleaning treatment?

      A steam cleaned mattress takes at least 3-4 hours to dry. Allow the sunlight and air to evaporate the water before using the mattress.

      2. Why is it essential to hire professional mattress cleaners?

      The experts who provide mattress steam cleaning service have the skill to use the steam cleaner. They have sufficient knowledge about different kinds of mattresses and cleaning products.

      3. Can I book your mattress steam cleaning service for my hospital beds?

      Unity Mattress Cleaning Canberra offers a comprehensive range of mattress cleaning solutions for both commercial buildings and residential properties.

      4. After how many months should I schedule the booking for mattress steam cleaning?

      Mattress steam cleaning should be booked after every six months to avoid the compilation of impurities in the mattress.

      5. Do you provide the steam cleaning service for all kinds of mattresses?

      Yes, we provide the mattress cleaning service for all types of mattresses.

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